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Open Up Resources Parent and Student Support

The 2nd Edition of 6th Grade Open Up Resources is the Current Jordan School District Mathematics Supported Curriculum.

Decorative Image of the Units from the 6th grade Program
These materials were created by Illustrative Mathematics in collaboration with Open Up Resources. Curriculum revisions took place in 2018 to enhance the supports for English Language Learners and improve the user experience. The materials have been reviewed and received the highest rating in Ed Reports an independent curriculum reviewer.
Open Up Resources Math Supports image and highlights of the program
The program fosters mathematical literacy for students with signature mathematical language routines (MLRs) offering detailed guidance for developing students into mathematical thinkers and enhance students’ ability to communicate mathematical thinking verbally, visually, and in writing.
Image of the 9 Units of study.
The course contains nine units; each of the first eight are anchored by a few big ideas in grade 6 mathematics. Units contain between 15 and 19 lesson plans.
Image of the Open Up Resources 6th grade Family Login Page
Families and Students can access Engilsh and Spanish resources online.

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