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The JSD Modified Unit Assessments designed for use in PLC groups.  Testing results should be compiled using Mastery Connect.  Teachers should administer the Pre Assessment at the beginning of the year and Post Assessment at the end of the year. These assessments will be used as the Student Learning Outcome (SLO) as evidence of student growth.  The JSD modified assessments include a variety of question types: open response, multiple choice, and constructed response.  They are designed to assess student understanding of concepts, procedures, and representations.

Follow ethical testing practices when administering benchmark assessments, such as those established for summative/end of year assessments.  Provide a testing environment that allows for teacher and student integrity.  Students with IEPs must be accommodated according to their documented goals.  Manipulatives and other math tools such as calculators, multiplication tables, conversion charts, and counters should not be provided unless explicitly stated in the instructions. Keep the assessments secure.

You must be logged into your JSD Google account in order to access these files. The Pre/Post SLO and JSD Modified Unit Assessments are loaded automatically into your MasteryConnect tracker. 

Direct questions, comments, and concerns to Melissa Garber.