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3rd Grade

JSD Major Works (Power Standards)

Learning in the "New Now" Toolkit

Mathematics Teaching Practices

2021-2022 JSD Curriculum and Core Documents 

  • A Year at a Glance: Calendar outlining math units and lessons for the year
  • Pacing Guide: Teacher-friendly overview of grade-level content and assessments for the year

2020-2021 JSD Curriculum and Core Documents 

JSD Core Resources

Practice Posters 2-3 (pdf)

 USOE Core Guides

Websites and Other Resources

Granite Vocabulary (website)

Math Expressions Support and Student Materials

3rd Grade Assessments

Boot Camp Resources

Homework Help Third Grade

Jordan District Assessments Page

USBE RISE information

USBE RISE Information Video

Utah State Assessment Elementary Mathematics Blueprints

Utah's Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Mathematics

Student Learning Objectives


USBE Curricular Resources

USBE K-12 Math Infographic