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5th Grade

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JSD Mathematics Curriculum and Core Documents (2024-2025)

  • A Year at a Glance:Opens in a new window Calendar outlining math units and lessons for the year
  • Pacing Guide:Opens in a new window Teacher friendly overview of grade-level content and assessments for the year
  • Fifth Grade CoreOpens in a new window:Utah State Mathematics Core
  • Scope and Sequence:Opens in a new window An in-depth look at JSD expectations, content, and pacing

JSD Mathematics Curriculum and Core Documents (2023-2024)

JSD 5th Grade Core Resources

5th Grade Assessments

Achieve the Core 5th Grade


K-6 Websites and Other Resources

Teaching Routines and Instructional Strategies

Math Tasks and Supplemental Curriculum Resources

USBE Mathematics Supports and Core Documents

JSD Teaching and Learning Documents

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Grades 4-5 Practice Posters

Spanish Posters

Chinese Posters

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RISE Resources

USBE RISE informationOpens in a new windowOpens in a new window

USBE RISE Information Video

RISE Blueprints

RISE Performance Level Descriptors

RISE Benchmark Modules