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JSD Major Works (Power Standards)

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Instructional Support

Utah State Office of Education Elementary Mathematics Core Resources  (website)

UEN Mathematics Resources  (website)

Illustrative Mathematics  (website)

Illustrating the Standards  (website)

Inside Mathematics (website)

Engage New York (website)

Achieve the Core (website)

YouCubed (website)

Interactive Math (templates)

Granite Vocabulary (website)

Assisting Struggling Students (article)

Three Act Math Tasks (website)

Robert Kaplinsky (website)

NCTM and Hunt Institute Video Series (website)

Summer Online Learning Resources

K-5 math teaching resources (website)

Math Interactives (website)

Math is Fun (website)

Math Playground (website)

Core Academy Teacher-Created Tasks (website)

K-2 Assessments Hawaii (website)

Create a Graph (website)

Dr. Mike's Math games (website)

Core Resources (Drive folder)

 USBE Core Guides

USBE Major Work

Special Education Page


Mathematics Teaching Practices

Utah's Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Mathematics

Core Documents

Mathematical Practice Posters

Operations Posters


Math Expressions Student Materials

Math Expressions Online Access

Math Expressions 2018-2019 order forms

Student Learning Objectives

Talk Moves (Math Talk and Cookies -- Oreos)

USBE Curricular Resources

USBE K-12 Math Infographic

USBE links to 1st and 2nd grade math assessment resources