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1st Grade

JSD Major Works (Power Standards)

Learning in the "New Now" Toolkit

Mathematics Teaching Practices

2021-2022 JSD Curriculum and Core Documents

  • A Year at a Glance: Calendar outlining math units and lessons for the year
  • Pacing Guide: Teacher-friendly overview of grade-level content and assessments for the year

2020-2021 JSD Curriculum and Core Documents

JSD Core Resources

Practice Posters K-1 (pdf)

 USOE Core Guides

Websites and Other Resources

Granite Vocabulary (website)

Math Expressions Support and Student Materials

1st Grade Assessments

Utah's Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Mathematics

Boot Camp Resources

Student Learning Objectives


USBE Curricular Resources

USBE K-12 Math Infographic

USBE links to 1st and 2nd grade math assessment resources