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Teaching Routines and Instructional Strategies

This page is currently under construction.  Come back soon as we continue to populate these resources.

 Evidence-Based Instructional Routines

Number Talks & Number Sense Routines

Decorative Image displaying a number Talk Example

What is a Number Talk?

Number Talk Publications and Resources

Number Talk Lesson Plans and Planning Guides

Word Problem Supports

Addition/Subtraction Problem Types

Multiplication/Division Problem Types

Three Act Tasks

Three Act Task JSD Supports

Graham Fletcher Task Bank

Open Middle Problems

Open Middle Resources

Additional Open Middle Resources

Additional Fluency Supports


Math Language Routines

USCALE Project

  • Three Reads
  • Stronger and Clear Each Time
  • Information Gap

Games and Journals

Sample Games and Resources


Building Thinking Classrooms

Image of book cover

Building Thinking Classrooms